Amalgam-Free Fillings/ Mercury-Free Fillings in Oshawa

Amalgam-Free Fillings / Mercury-Free Fillings

Amalgam-free fillings are made of composite materials and coloured to match the shade of your teeth for a seamless, natural smile. These composites are made with a mix of plastic and acrylic materials which create a hard, durable surface that bonds directly to the tooth. We typically perform our dental fillings with a local anesthetic or laughing gas; if you suffer from anxiety, have a gag reflex or another similar issue when visiting the dentist. We can also offer oral sedation or general anesthetic at our sister clinic Bowamnville Dental

What are the Benefits of Amalgam-Free Fillings? 

One of the metals used in amalgam is mercury; it’s actually the mercury that binds all the other metals in amalgam together. After amalgam was first introduced as a material used for fillings, scientists discovered that mercury has some pretty alarming side effects and can negatively affect the immune system, brain, heart, lungs and kidneys. At North Oshawa Dental, we exclusively use amalgam-free fillings for your health and peace of mind.

Better for You.. And the Environment 

Mercury is an environmental menace. It contaminates our oceans, causes toxic harm to animal habitats and can even work its way up the food chain and into our own digestive systems through consuming mercury-poisoned fish. For filling cavities, we exclusively use an innovative resin compound that is matched to the shade of your tooth.

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Amazing place! I got technically two gifts just for signing up (one is a promo, but I think you might get the other one as a new patient). I’m very happy with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. Also, when I went back to the place.. the dental hygienist welcomed me by name as I entered only after coming in ONCE prior. Such nice service. Highly recommend.

– Lysa M

The front staff are always welcoming and helpful. Always left happy with the dental care I received. Dr. Sina did filling of my front tooth which i broke years ago in half. It was an amazing job.Nurse did fantastic cleaning job of my teeth. Definitely recommend North Oshawa Dental care.

– Vishant Sharma

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